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Action Man

Collecting Action Man is a nostalgic journey that resonates with enthusiasts who grew up surrounded by the iconic action figures. First introduced in the 1960s by Palitoy in the United Kingdom and later by Hasbro in the United States, Action Man quickly became a beloved toy line, embodying adventure and heroism.

Action Man figures were initially modelled after the American G.I. Joe, but they developed their distinct identity with diverse outfits, accessories, and vehicles. Collectors are drawn to the intricate details of these figures, ranging from military uniforms to specialized equipment that reflects historical accuracy and attention to craftsmanship.

For many, collecting Action Man goes beyond mere acquisition; it's a pursuit of completeness. Enthusiasts often seek rare and discontinued items, contributing to a vibrant community of trade and exchange. The thrill lies in discovering vintage pieces in good condition, maintaining the integrity of the original design.

Action Man sporting goods were relatively poor sellers in the 1970s as children preferred to see him in military uniform. But that unpopularity now makes such outfits more valuable as fewer of them remain. A mis-carded box – a cricket outfit on an Olympic Champion cards, which was mislabelled when it was made – sold for £2,760.

£6,480 was paid for a rare Action Man judo outfit, which retailed for just 12 shillings, or 60p, when it went on sale in 1970.

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