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Is Brown Furniture Making a Comeback?

After years of brown and vintage furniture being ignored in auctions and even charity shops refusing to accept it, it may be seeing a renaissance with the eco-conscious, as millenniums and Generation Z now seeking out affordable furniture for their student or first homes.

Flat pack furniture is now out of favour as the younger buyers are searching out the unusual and unique pieces of furniture which they love to show off on social media channels such as Instagram and Tik Tok.

Tik Tok alone has over 6 million views of videos with the hashtag #antiquing and #carbootfinds attracting over 4 million views. Auction houses and dealers are now taking to social media and the leading auction website seeing the biggest growth of new buyers coming from the under 35’s.

With shows such as Salvage Hunters, Money for Nothing and websites like the younger buyers are starting to recognize good design and that workmanship is so much better.

Mid-20th century Scandinavian and British furniture in particular has seen a huge rise in popularity with side boards fetching £200-300, EWB sold a desk recently for £1200, so keep a look out for those unique pieces of furniture coming up in our next auctions.

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