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Medals the History

Medals hold a significant place in human history, symbolizing achievements, recognition, and honour. These small, tangible objects carry immense value and serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of individuals or groups. Whether awarded for athletic prowess, military service, academic excellence, or other notable accomplishments, medals encapsulate the essence of success.

It is generally accepted that the modern commemorative medal, in both form and content, was invented by the Italian painter Antonio Pisano (c. 1395–1455), called Pisanello. His first medal portrayed the Byzantine emperor John VIII Palaeologus and was made in 1438–39.

Medals are collected worldwide, with medals awarded to the military holding a special interest, significant historical events, influential military figures, or pivotal moments in history often carry a higher price tag. The historical context and the story behind the medal can elevate its value, especially if it represents a notable act of heroism, bravery, or a significant military campaign. For instance, The George Cross, a prestigious British military decoration awarded for acts of exceptional bravery, carries significant historical significance due to its association with remarkable acts of heroism.

The most expensive military medal ever sold at auction is the Victoria Cross (VC), a prestigious British military decoration awarded for acts of valour and courage in the face of the enemy. While the Victoria Cross is priceless in terms of its historical and symbolic value, the highest price ever paid for a Victoria Cross at auction was £1.5 million.

It is worth noting that the value of military medals can vary significantly depending on factors such as rarity, historical significance, provenance, condition, and the individuals associated with them. Medals associated with well-known military figures or extraordinary acts of bravery tend to command higher prices in the collector’s market.

If you decide to start collecting medals, is good to focus on a particular period or Regiment or medal type and concentrate on these. It is not necessarily an expensive hobby as there are medals which start at a few pounds, the fun part is doing the research on the recipient.

In conclusion, medals hold immense significance in our society. They represent hard work, dedication, and excellence. Whether on an individual or national level, medals inspire, motivate, and unite us. They serve as a tangible reminder of our accomplishments and the heights we can reach with determination and perseverance.

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