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    Welcome to our philatley department headed up by our experienced and knowledgable senior valuer who will be able to help you with valuations on a collection or even a single stamp.

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Collecting & Selling Stamps

Stamp collecting, or philately, is a fascinating hobby that combines history, art, and culture. Whether you’ve inherited a stamp collection or a dedicated philatelist, Ellis Willis and Beckett are here to help you if you are considering to enter your collection into one of our specialist Auctions.

We offer free auction advice and estimates, without obligation, to help you decide whether or not to sell at auction. Our senior valuer has years of experience and is heavily involved with national philately societies.

Valuing and appraising rare stamps can be a complex and nuanced process that requires expertise and experience. Whether you are an experienced stamp collector or new to the hobby, understanding the value of your stamps is crucial for making informed decisions about buying, and selling.

Assessing Value:

Condition Matters: The condition of your stamps can significantly impact their value. Look for signs of wear, such as creases, tears, stains, or discoloration. Stamps that are well-preserved and free of damage are generally more valuable than those in poor condition. Neatly arranged albums with clear notes indicate a well-curated collection. Pre-1952 stamps (before Queen Elizabeth II’s reign) and those with higher face values are often more valuable.

Rarity: The rarity of a stamp is a crucial factor in determining its value. Look for stamps with low printing numbers, unusual or rare designs, and those with historical significance. Stamps that were only in circulation for a short time or that were withdrawn from circulation can also be more valuable.

Taking Inventory: Note the number of albums and stamps. Is there a specific theme or country focus? Determine whether stamps are mounted (affixed to album pages), unmounted, mint (unused), or used. Keep any letters or bills of sale that reveal your relative’s investment.

Professional Valuations: It is recommended to consult an expert stamp appraiser. A professional appraiser will have the knowledge and expertise needed to accurately value your stamps, taking into account all of the factors mentioned above.

Remember, stamp collecting isn’t just about monetary value; it’s a journey through time and culture. Whether you decide to sell or keep your collection, enjoy the adventure!


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